#you stupidly loyal asshole #you’d throw yourself in front of knives guns and god only knows what to save him #to save ANYONE you truly cared about #you give and give and give and only take when it’s willingly offered #you’re coldblooded when it comes to protecting people #but when it comes to nurturing them and the softer side of things you seem to know inherently what someone needs #from sherlock to mrs. hudson to harry to those soldiers you took care of in the field #you’re smart and patient and kind but with that undercurrent of a dangerous temper beneath it all #irene saw that #mycroft saw that #you are absolutely without a doubt the best thing to happen to anyone whose life you touch for longer than five minutes #and hell i’m sure all the people who only meet you briefly remember you #average on the surface but with everything on the inside coming together to make one hell of a lasting impression